Our Approach Toward Improved Handwork

As an offensive lineman, your responsibility and ability to instantly and accurately respond is critical when big progress is needed.


When it's 3rd down and 20, your quarterback will count on you and the rest of the line to make time for him to throw the ball downfield. And in order to give him that time, your mission is to provide the proper protection he needs to make that pass successful.

You need to know how and when to move your hands so your opponent can’t knock your hands or, worse yet, you down when they come off the ball.


Because it’s your job to protect your quarterback at all costs and you’ve got to be able to keep your hands up when coming out of your stance.That way you can control your target and do whatever you need to stay between your opponent and your quarterback.

Once you’ve broken the huddle, it’s time to come to the line of scrimmage and get into your position with the right stance and spacing.

Next comes the snap.  And because only you know what count the snap is being called on, you’ll naturally have the advantage to fire out first and catch your opponent off guard while he’s still flat-footed.

Blocking Strategy

During your first step out when pass blocking, you’ll need to extend your arms (hands up, palms facing outward) and explosively hit the right target while you punch the defender's shoulder pads.

This fundamental approach should reduce his momentum and give you the split-second timing you need to recoil back into position for your second strike.

Once you’re back into position, center up your feet shoulder width apart with your knees bent.

Bring your elbows tight against you and have your hands out in front.

Then use your hands to fire out against your defender and drive right through him.

You can fire them both at once, or individually, depending on which side the defender is rushing.

If your defender is overly aggressive, you can use his momentum against him by driving your hands into him and force him in that direction, the direction he’s trying to go.

Don't be afraid to make a decision in a crisis moment to hold your defender, because as a last resort, this can save a devastating hit on your quarterback which may outweigh the 10-yard penalty you’ll be slapped with.

Keep your head on a swivel and keep an eye out for stunting linemen in case a linebacker or defensive end wants to cut in for a blitz. If you see the down lineman stunt and the backer starts to blitz to your opposite side, offset and take out the one closest to the quarterback while jabbing the one moving away from you with intent to give the lineman next to you an opportunity to pick up the blitz.

Passing Strategy

Once the ball leaves the quarterback's hand, let go of your opponent.  You’ll need to be ready to head down field and be ready to provide critical blocks that will open up your wide receiver for more yardage.

When you combine these fundamental techniques with this approach, you’ll always have a leg-up on your opponents.

In addition to this, we also use the following drills to teach you advanced handwork techniques:

  • Shuffle – Touch Drill
  • No-hand slide drill
  • Shuffle drill set vs. air
  • Medicine ball punch drill
  • Medicine ball roll drill
  • Blindfold push/pull drill
  • Bag punch sets
  • Pass protection redirect drill
  • Mirror drill
  • Twist stunt drill
  • 1 on 1 pass rush drill
  • 3 on 2 pass rush drill

Our goal is to equip you with the proper handwork in conjunction with their associated run and pass blocking techniques, and enable you to dominate and deliver when it’s all on the line.

After attending our clinics, you’ll be able to effectively adopt these fundamental and advanced techniques so you have the advantage…

…advantage to win more games and become the champion that stands out from the rest.

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