Our approach toward improved stance and footwork.

Having proper stance and footwork coming off the line are two key elements you’ll need to become an offensive lineman that stands-out from the rest.


Without proper positioning you’ll have a tough time properly blocking a defensive lineman or gaining positive yardage on your first step.

No matter if you’re setting up for a run block, pass block or pulling maneuver, your first step and footwork will give you the advantage you need to dominate your opponent.


Because proper stance, foot alignment and controlled stepping are the key components that feed superior footwork, explosive power and big progression off the line.

Proper stance is the fundamental element to best position your body for powerful blocking.



If you want to become a highly effective offensive lineman, it’s critical you learn to leverage correct stance technique that includes proper vertical and horizontal alignment.

When you adopt a bunched, slightly tightened stance (feet under the armpits) you’ll instantly gain better control of your stepping.

This, along with the proper foot alignment, will ensure you generate the right balance and increased power you need to be instantaneous on the snap count and dominate your opponent throughout the entire block.

A balanced staggered stance is imperative and will promote proper weight distribution on all three points – insteps of the feet and the hand down – and will not tip off your intentions or assignment to the defense.



Establishing and maintaining proper leverage is critical and failure to do this effectively will take away from the power you need to generate effective blocking.

When coming off the line, it’s mission critical you’re able to move in all directions – forward, backwards, inside, outside, pull left or right and pass set for pass protection – with the same speed, power and efficiency.

More specifically, if you’re focus is playing center, your take-off hand should be similar to the other lineman but with the elbow of the off-hand placed on the outside knee of the set foot which in-turn squares the shoulders and ensures the relaxed hand is ready to strike.

When playing center, it’s also imperative you’re able to strike with the take-off hand first because in your case, using the other hand to snap the ball, puts you at a disadvantage.

Naturally, this will give you the proper advantage you need to punch hard after the snap.



Regardless of your intended position and stance on the line – two point, three point, right or left handed lineman or centers – RedZone blocking can help you drastically improve your overall o-line game through proper technique and drills.

Some common, fundamental improvement drills we leverage in our clinics include:

  • Jump Rope
  • Mirror Drill
  • Pipe Drill
  • Pipe Drillboard Drill (14 inch and 2 by 4)
  • Zone Read Drill
  • Zone Drill without Linebacker
  • Boards and Chute Drill
  • Combination Blocking Drill
  • Stalk Block Drill
  • Three Cone Drill



Our goal is to equip you with the fundamentals of proper stance, footwork, good base, blocking demeanor and all the right components that will enable you to dominate and deliver when it’s all on the line.

After attending our clinics, you’ll be able to effectively adopt these fundamentals and have the advantage…

…advantage to win more games and become the champion that stands out from the rest.

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